Conceptual Estimating and Unit Costs

posted Sep 21, 2012, 7:10 AM by Keith Groninger   [ updated Dec 20, 2014, 5:53 AM ]

A conceptual estimate is often needed for the purpose of planning a project. Accurate cost information is necessary to determine whether a project is viable. Cost-per-square-foot is the most common technique but can be misleading and inaccurate. Unit cost comparisons from historical records are the best format.

A unit cost is the cost for a component of the home broken down into a measurable quantity. Some examples of costs that can be computed by a unit include: an interior door;
  • floor tile by the square foot;
  • carpet by the square yard;
  • crown molding by the lineal foot;
  • concrete slab by the square foot;
  • attic insulation by the square foot of air-conditioned space;
  • cabinets by the lineal foot and,
  • counter tops by the square foot.
We can provide a conceptual estimate for you comprising a unit cost comparison of ten homes we've built previously; each selected to represent the size, style and quality levels similar to your future home. The comparison utilizes the unit costs of well over 100 cost categories. It's actually not that difficult to produce since we've been fine-tuning our process for several years now. Please don't hesitate to ask for your complimentary conceptual cost estimate with no further obligation required.