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Design Questionnaire

A design questionnaire or checklist can help stimulate thoughts when working on a new home design.


How do occupants affect the function of the design?

How long do you plan to live in the home?

Can the design adapt to the changing needs of a family?

Where are rooms located and how do they interact?

What are the public and private room relationships?

What are the specific requirements of each room?

Do you have pets or frequently have guests?

Describe the type of entertaining you do.

These questions and many more can help you think through important decisions that an architect or home designer will need to develop a home design for you. Here's a thorough checklist that will really get you thinking. Please let us know if we can help in any way.

Design Questionnaire

Choosing a Designer

Energy Efficient Design


Reducing the demand for energy is a cost-effective approach that works best when considered in the early design phase of a project. Solar orientation and passive design techniques work with the forces of nature to reduce heating and cooling costs while creating an environment that is healthier and more comfortable.

Energy efficiency starts with good design. Of course the efficiency of nearly any home can be improved, but designing for energy efficiency is always going to yield the best results. More...

Green Planning and Certification


There's no doubt that green construction is on the minds of today's homebuyers. Green homes conserve energy, water and resources, while increasing comfort, health and sustainability. Green Certification and other programs like Energy Star and EPA Indoor AirPLUS, establish performance standards and create lasting value.

The challenge of implementing and documenting the requirements for green certification is a daunting task many builders and owners have avoided. Additionally, the risk of overlooking the installation or verification of some of the features can lead to expensive changes or a loss of crucial green points. More...

Orientation and Expectations


100% of the homes we've finished on time or ahead of schedule, had an organized and decisive customer. Our ability to perform as your builder is dependent on information that you provide to us prior to ordering or implementing into the project. Historically, our best customers have accepted the responsibility of making their decisions and selections within the allotted time as outlined by the selection schedule.

Did that get your attention? Customer selections are a very important aspect of managing a construction project and much of the time will be spent reviewing products and materials of the various components of your home. We have an organized procedures and are here to help you through it. Some of our customers even enjoy the process. More...