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Clothes Washer

Your home will be set up so that a washer and dryer can be installed when you move in. If you provide us with specifications for the units at an early stage, we may be able to make provisions to locate the plumbing and ventilation such that the installation is easier and the units take up less space.

Excerpts from The Difference is in the Details by Tracy DeCarlo.

Energy Star
Energy Star does rate washing machines, but water usage varies greatly between models. The reduced water usage of some front loaders-15 gallons per load versus the typical 40 gallons in a top loading machine- provides another Green feature. Front loading machines also extract more water from clothing during the final spin cycle, resulting in additional savings when clothes hit the dryer. The amount of water used by a washing machine-the water factor- is a measure of the number of gallons of use per cycle per cubic foot. Thus, if a clothes washer uses 30 gallons per cycle and has a tub volume of 3 cubic feet, the water factor is 10. The lower the water factor, the more efficient the machine. To determine the amount of water used by the washers you’re considering, look for the water factor on the list of clothes washers provided on the Energy Star site. Access this list at:

Did you know that top-loading washing machines release moisture into the air? Front-loading machines have a seal around the door, thus eliminating this problem.

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