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Faux "Built-In" Refrigerator:
True "built-in" refrigerators like Sub-Zero or G.E. Monogram are designed to fit into the standard depth of kitchen cabinetry. Free-standing refrigerators are typically deeper (from front to back) and will stick out past the cabinets. Sometimes we can recess a wall or make special arrangements to accommodate this. Of course we need this information as soon as possible.

Excerpts from The Difference is in the Details by Tracy DeCarlo. 

Refrigerator Drawers:
Refrigerator drawers can be used to add extra storage in the kitchen without buying a larger capacity refrigerator. They can also be used to add refrigeration in other parts of the house. Consumer Reports reported the test results for several models of refrigerator doors in it’s August 2007 issue. Unfortunately, none of the five models tested received a rating above “good” primarily due to their high initial cost and poor energy efficiency. Unlike the dishwasher drawers mentioned before, refrigerator drawers are not Energy Star rated; in fact they are very inefficient compared to traditional refrigerators. According to Consumer Reports, you can get a better deal by buying a compact refrigerator at a fraction of the cost.

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