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general information:
  • Cabinet layouts are needed before the home is started.
  • We need precise locations of all plumbing drains, the location of any ventilation ducts either under the slab or in the walls, and the location and size of all electrical power feeds, water service and drains.
  • Additional important information includes the location and size of the refrigerator and any special power or water supply needs.
  • You will need a set of blueprints to give the cabinet designer.  If you don’t have a spare copy, please let us know and we will provide one.
  • Ordering may take several weeks
  • Delivery is scheduled in advance of specific work starting on the project.

Please review information and tips below. The diversity of selections is tremendous and takes some Buyers much more time than expected. We suggest limiting your selections to a few suppliers. Comparisons can be very time consuming and may not result in large cost savings. We have literature available at the office or you can contact one of our authorized vendors.

Every Selection and Decision involves common procedures. Many items listed are based on our "Standard" features package. Please check your specifications for features unique to your home.
  • Review your Specifications for Product Information and Allowances.
  • Review the NAHB Performance Guidelines.
  • Review the Use and Care Guidelines.
  • A Worksheet may be provided for your use.
After making your selection, sign the Order Authorization or corresponding Allowance Invoice and forward it to us for execution. No orders will be placed without authorization and payment. If orders are not placed by their deadlines, construction may be delayed.

  • Location of Plumbing
  • Access restrictions inside Cabinets
  • Locate Downdraft Vent under concrete slab
  • Adjust wall studs for Ventilation Duct
  • Location of Refrigerator power and water
  • Electric Outlets in Island
  • Electric Outlets in Backsplash
important information:
Kitchen Islands
Cabinet designers are notorious for overlooking electrical and plumbing requirements that may conflict with aesthetically pleasing design: electrical codes require outlets in easily accessible locations; wires and plumbing for various appliances and fixtures may be unsightly if they can't be concealed; and drawers may not function correctly if obstructed by pipes or wiring. 
Kitchen Island cabinets are the most common source of these problems. We encourage the use of a framed kneewall that the cabinets can be installed around. Please ask for additional explanation.
favorite vendors:
Central Kitchen and Bath
935 Orange Ave
Winter Park FL 32789
(407) 629-9366
Lauren Bailey
(407) 310-7485

Cabinetry  Creations
538 Virginia Drive
Orlando FL 32803
(407) 897-8988
(321) 229-7331

1802 N Orange Av
Orlando FL 32804
(407) 894-8778

Please make an appointment to meet with our vendors. This will ensure that you will have their full attention upon your visit.


hints and tips:
Green Options
Please ask about Green options available with these products and systems.

cabinet hardware:
It's a good idea to start looking at cabinet hardware as cabinet selections are started. The relationship of the cabinet hardware with plumbing fixtures, bath accessories and door hardware, is important to maintain a congruent design theme throughout the home.

 Idea Books
additional information and resources
Note: additional permissions may be necessary to view off-site information. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing available links., The Journal of Light Construction ( and are services we subscribe to that are loaded with information and resources. 
The sites are for members only but we would be happy to obtain any of the articles you want but are restricted from viewing. 
Feel free to search either site and let us know about any of the articles or information that you want to see.

You can also find great information at: