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general information:
  • Electrical review is required before construction starts.
  • Information obtained during the electrical review needs to be properly indicated on the construction drawings.
  • The electrician will usually not begin work until all of the information is provided.
Please review information and tips below. The diversity of selections is tremendous and takes some Buyers much more time than expected. We suggest limiting your selections to a few suppliers. Comparisons can be very time consuming and may not result in large cost savings. We have literature available at the office or you can contact one of our authorized vendors.

Every Selection and Decision involves common procedures. Many items listed are based on our "Standard" features package. Please check your specifications for features unique to your home.
  • Review your Specifications for Product Information and Allowances.
  • Review the NAHB Performance Guidelines.
  • Review the Use and Care Guidelines.
  • A Worksheet may be provided for your use.
After making your selection, sign the Order Authorization or corresponding Allowance Invoice and forward it to us for execution. No orders will be placed without authorization and payment. If orders are not placed by their deadlines, construction may be delayed.

  • Floor Outlets
  • Ceiling Outlet locations
  • Centering of Fans
  • Location of Pendant Fixtures
  • Recessed Light locations
  • Objectionable Wall-Hung items
  • Wall mounted light fixtures
  • Exterior Lighting
important information:
Fixture and Outlet Locations
Most critical is the location of electrical items that are located within the concrete slab. Floor outlets and island stubs need to be in place before the slab is poured.

During the rough-in stage of the project, the electrician needs to locate outlets for fixtures and devices that will be installed later at trim-out. Hanging lights need to be placed accurately over their intended location (i.e.: breakfast table, kitchen island, center of the bed). Wall-mounted lights have specific heights that may be required and some have unique installation bracket requirements.

Lighting Fixtures
The selection of certain lighting fixtures will affect where they should be installed. Wall-mounted lights may point up or down, and may be used to light specific furniture or decorations. Sometimes even mirror selection in a bathroom will impact where a fixture should be installed. During the trim-out phase the electrician will need to know how high to hang certain fixtures (i.e.: dining room, entry foyer, pendant lights).

Equipment Specifications
Appliances and Flat Screen TVs are the most common equipment specifications needed prior to the electrician wiring a home. Location of electrical connections and even wire size and circuit breakers are determined by equipment going into the home. Typically we can determine the requirements if manufacturer and model number is provided.
favorite vendors:
STE Electrical Systems
1139 Ocoee-Apopka Rd.
PO Box 2011
Apopka, FL 32704-2011
(407) 884-7383
Clarence Tibbs

Y2K Electric
959 Explorer Cove #115
Altamonte Springs FL 32701
(407) 831-7770
Dan Deweese

This selection should be conducted with a representative of Groninger Homes. We will schedule a meeting with the vendors if needed.

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hints and tips:
Green and Energy Efficiency
Please ask about Green and Energy Efficient options available with these products and systems.

Electrical Change Orders
Electrical wiring is frequently one of the most changed items on a typical residential construction project. The main culprit is usually a lack of planning. It's difficult to imagine all of the decisions that go into the process of developing a complete electrical wiring diagram. Please allow yourself enough time during the planning process to visualize and think through all of your needs.

More Electrical Changes
The most cost-effective method of making electrical changes is on the drawings before electrical bids have been submitted or at least before an electrician is selected. Once an electrical contractor has been selected, changes will be subject to their change order policies. We wouldn't use an electrician that treats our customers unfairly, but multiple changes can still be costly. We can reduce some of the costs by performing an onsite walk-through with the electrician before the start wiring, but we'd still prefer to have everything on the drawings. A poor way of making electrical changes is after wiring has been installed and of course we hope to avoid any changes after drywall has been installed.

additional information and resources:
Note: additional permissions may be necessary to view off-site information. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing available links., The Journal of Light Construction ( and are services we subscribe to that are loaded with information and resources. 
The sites are for members only but we would be happy to obtain any of the articles you want but are restricted from viewing. 
Feel free to search either site and let us know about any of the articles or information that you want to see.

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