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Entry Doors

general information:
  • Entry Door(s) selections are required before construction starts.
  • Entry Door(s) selections are required for to provide details to the construction drawings that may be required before the slab is poured.
  • Entry Door(s) ordering and delivery can sometimes take several weeks depending on the products ordered.
Please review information and tips below. The diversity of selections is tremendous and takes some Buyers much more time than expected. We suggest limiting your selections to a few suppliers. Comparisons can be very time consuming and may not result in large cost savings. We have literature available at the office or you can contact one of our authorized vendors.

Every Selection and Decision involves common procedures. Many items listed are based on our "Standard" features package. Please check your specifications for features unique to your home.
  • Review your Specifications for Product Information and Allowances.
  • Review the NAHB Performance Guidelines.
  • Review the Use and Care Guidelines.
  • A Worksheet may be provided for your use.
After making your selection, sign the Order Authorization or corresponding Allowance Invoice and forward it to us for execution. No orders will be placed without authorization and payment. If orders are not placed by their deadlines, construction may be delayed.

  • Cost of Entire Entry Door System
  • Door / Sidelites / Transom
  • Prehanging / Casing / Hinges / Threshold
  • Cost for Dunnage Doors and Off-Site Storage
  • Standard or Mortise Hardware Installation
  • Extra Cost for Mortise Installation
important information:
Arched Entry Door
There is potential for substantial extra cost associated with arched exterior doors.  We may have to postpone the framing of arches over the doors or even matching arches on the edge of a corresponding porch, until the door and frame can be installed.  This may create extra trips and labor for the framer, drywall and stucco contractors.  Speedy decisions and ordering are crucial to prevent these extra costs.

Entry Hardware and Lockset
Exterior doors are usually ordered with holes drilled in them that are a standard size to receive most doorknobs and deadbolts.  Many styles are available from numerous manufacturers.  Our favorite manufacturer is Schlage. If you are interested in custom exterior door hardware that has unique installation requirements, we may need to order your exterior doors without these standard holes.  It will cost extra to have these holes drilled at a later date.  Please decide whether you want “Standard Bore and Deadbolt Prep” or no bore at all on your exterior doors.
favorite vendors:
Builders First Source
8601 Justice Place
Groveland FL 34736
Donnie Faison

Southern Window Design
2233 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park FL 32789
Carl Crampton

Thomas Lumber
231 W Gore St
Orlando FL 32806
Christian Howell

Please make an appointment to meet with our vendors. This will ensure that you will have their full attention upon your visit.

 Online Stores Specialty
 Entry Accent Doors
 TruStile Modern

hints and tips:
Green and Energy Efficiency
Please ask about Green and Energy Efficient options available with these products and systems.

Routine Door Maintenance
The protection of your door is a major factor in its maintenance requirements and longevity. To adequately protect your door and extend its life, several factors must be considered. Door type, climate, exposure, and color choice, all have an effect on the durability of a door. Every door type weathers differently. Wood doors are more susceptible to the elements than fiberglass or clad aluminum. An overhang is a necessity for wood doors, and recommended for all types.

Overhangs protect the door's finish, minimize the need for refinishing and help keep the weather out of the home. Also, the climate and the direction a door faces play a key role in determining a proper overhang. Typically, southern and western exposures are harshest. With southern exposures, the sun beats down on the door from sunrise to sunset. In western exposures, the door receives sunlight in the hottest part of the day. Without adequate overhangs, doors with a southern, southwestern, southeastern or western exposure will require more frequent maintenance. Doors without appropriate protection may also experience performance problems such as rapid finish deterioration, color fading, wood splitting, warping, molding shrinkage, wood joint separation, and water penetration between the moldings, panels, and glass. With proper overhangs, doors may face any direction (north, south, east or west). Doors installed in these types of applications still require finish maintenance. Wood doors, for instance, may need to be refinished every two to five years.

No matter what type of exterior door is selected, color choice may effect how quickly the exterior of the door weathers in extreme climates. in general, darker colors absorb more heat than lighter colors. The exterior face of a door exposed to the sun in harsh environments can reach temperatures well in excess of 120 degrees. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot hold your hand on the face of the door for more than 30 seconds, the door is to hot. These extreme temperatures can cause noticeable damage to the door including finish deterioration and accelerated color fading. In addition, extreme temperature changes can cause warping, sticking and other performance problems. For doors with little protection or doors installed in hot environment, other precautions (such as overhangs) should be taken to protect the door from the effects of the sun.

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