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general information:
  • Window selections are required before construction starts.
  • Window selections are required for permitting and can effect the foundation and exterior walls.
  • Windows typically have an ordering and delivery process that can take several weeks.
  • Green specifications have additional requirements.
Please review information and tips below. The diversity of selections is tremendous and takes some Buyers much more time than expected. We suggest limiting your selections to a few suppliers. Comparisons can be very time consuming and may not result in large cost savings. We have literature available at the office or you can contact one of our authorized vendors.

Every Selection and Decision involves common procedures. Many items listed are based on our "Standard" features package. Please check your specifications for features unique to your home.
  • Review your Specifications for Product Information, Scope of Work and Allowances.
  • Review the Performance Guidelines.
  • Review the Use and Care Guidelines.
  • A Worksheet may be provided for your use.
After making your selection, sign the Order Authorization or corresponding Allowance Invoice and forward it to us for execution. No orders will be placed without authorization and payment. If orders are not placed by their deadlines, construction may be delayed.

  • Window Frame Color
  • Insulated and/or Low-E Glass
  • Tinted Glass locations
  • Obscure Glass locations
  • Rough Openings
important information:
Dimension and Size Variations from Plans: 
Some home plans indicate window sizes that are not standard”. This is most common when window sizes that are meant for wood frame construction are indicated on concrete block walls. We can adjust the sizes to make them work. Typically the sizes won’t change by more than about 3 inches.

Limitations with Concrete Block construction: 
Some exterior walls may need to be built out of wood framing simply because there isn’t enough room to fit windows in if it were built out of block. This is typical in bay windows or other angled walls and may also happen with multiple combinations of windows.

Tempered Glass Scratches Easily: 
The industry standard is that scratches that are only visible within 10 feet are considered acceptable.

Multiple Window Arrangements have a tendency to leak. 
Most windows are designed to be “self-flashing” whereby when normal rainfall wets the window, the water runs down and finds its way to the outside of the window. Arranging multiple windows where they are attached directly together or separated by wood framing, creates a potential for leaks. A typical solution is to apply caulking to areas where water may intrude, but the caulking has a limited lifespan and must be maintained by the home owner.
authorized vendors:
Builders First Source
8601 Justice Place
Groveland FL 34736
Donnie Faison

Southern Window Design
2233 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park FL 32789
Carl Crampton

Garner Window & Door
6615 Edgewater Dr
Orlando FL 32810
(407) 291-6241
Bret Bartley

Solar Tite Windows
395 Commercial St
Casselberry FL 32707
(407) 834-2718

Window Classics
166 Terra Mango Loop #100
Orlando FL 32835
(407) 522-9264
Ralph de Leon

This selection should be conducted with a representative of Groninger Homes. We will schedule a meeting with the vendors if needed.

hints and tips:
Green and Energy Efficiency
Please ask about Green and Energy Efficient options available with these products and systems.

Glass Type
Be ready to decide if you want clear or obscure glass in the bathrooms. Insulated glass, tinting and additional grids all cost extra. Standard specifications do not include any tinted glass, however it should be considered on west facing exposures. Tinting will make the interior rooms darker and is not a good choice for windows that are under a deep porch overhang.

Grids and Divided Lites
Our typical homes have divided-lite (gridded) windows on the front of the house and single-lite (no grids) on the other three sides of the house. Some clients looking for a more quaint or traditional feel choose divided-lite windows in such areas as the master bedroom or living room. More contemporary homes may not have grids, but be aware that some contemporary consistent, not mixing grid / lite arrangements. This same philosophy also applies to tinting. Mitered glass units and sliding glass doors do not usually have grids, do this needs to be considered in these areas. We can make these decisions at our office or can arrange a meeting with our suppliers if you want to know about upgrades. We will probably make these decisions at the office. Please request ahead of time if you would like to sample windows.

additional information and resources:
Note: additional permissions may be necessary to view off-site information. Please let us know if you have any difficulty accessing available links., The Journal of Light Construction ( and are services we subscribe to that are loaded with information and resources. 
The sites are for members only but we would be happy to obtain any of the articles you want but are restricted from viewing. 
Feel free to search either site and let us know about any of the articles or information that you want to see.

You can also find great information at: