Preliminary Unit Cost Estimate
One of the most effective ways of creating a budget for a new home is by comparing the costs of similar homes.  Our budget comparison spreadsheet allows us to create a side-by-side analysis of homes we have built recently and establish a good initial budget to work from.

Honestly, this is one of our most powerful tools for demonstrating our capabilities to our potential customers. The data we have collected from numerous completed homes is incredibly valuable is assessing the costs and value of the services we provide for our customers. We welcome the opportunity to show you why this step in the process is so important.

Note: Do not select a builder based on a preliminary estimate. You might decide to proceed with a particular builder if their presentation is thorough and professional, but not because they have quoted a price. It's very likely that the price may change substantially before construction is ready to start.

We can discuss the budget comparisons with you and help you understand the design details, amenities and features that have the most impact on the total cost of construction.  In order avoid "sticker shock", this process is essential before proceeding too far into the design process.

Construction Management

Design and Construction Ideas and Information about Homes in the South. Florida and the Gulf Coast have unique climate and environmental conditions that have influenced the design of homes since long before air-conditioning was available. Lessons from “Olde Florida” vernacular design still apply today. With energy efficiency and a new green awareness on the minds of many in the industry, building systems and construction techniques are evolving forward with an eye on the past.

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