The GCH Way

Choosing a builder is difficult. The process of designing and building a home involves numerous decisions about components, systems and services selected from criteria that includes price, quality, appearance and performance. How can you possibly understand everything unless the builder is willing to share all of the information?


Typically the relationship with our customers begins with discussions about design or budgeting. Even when we start the conversation with design, it isn’t long before the subject of cost surfaces. Ideally, we’d like to create a budget with you and design a home to meet your needs, within the budget.


Our unique budget analysis process provides you with historical data and cost information that enables you to be proactive in determining the total cost to build your home. We educate and advise you about the numerous options and features available, and explain how to achieve the best price. Our resources and expertise help you make cost-effective decisions for both short- and long-term value.

Construction Scheduling

We have a sophisticated construction schedule utilizing Microsoft Project. In addition to construction, our schedule includes all of the supporting tasks like permitting, customer selections, purchasing and budget maintenance. We recognize that expedient construction is vital to the relationship with our customers and a great way to increase our monthly profitability. It’s a wonder more builders haven’t figured this out.

Information Management

Every home we build is the same, except for the plans, specifications and customer:​


The design and construction of a new home is very process-driven. The use of systems and procedures streamlines the process and ensures a constant delivery and quality standards. Through the use of processes, we can learn something from every home we build and apply the lesson to our processes so that the next project receives the benefits.

Open Book Project Management

We have an “open book” project management system and use a separate checking account for every home we build. There are no secrets or hidden pricing. You have access to every document and can even see every invoice and every payment made for your home. This process assures that there’s no co-mingling of funds so your money is safe and secure.

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