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Hillcrest Bungalow

A "Concierge" Home designed and built in partnership with a prominent interior design firm exclusively for a rookie professional basketball player purchasing his first home. The completed home came with furniture, decorations, linens and even dishes and silverware.

Surprising features include a basement wine cellar; circular stairs; and indoor-outdoor living room and of course an elevator.

Hillcrest 01
Hillcrest 02
Hillcrest entertaining
Hillcrest indoor outdoor
Hillcrest outdoor indoor
Hillcrest pool
Hillcrest courtyard
Hillcrest fountain
Hillcrest kitchen
Hillcrest winecellar
Hillcrest salon
Hillcrest shower
Hillcrest tub
Hillcrest stair window
Hillcrest vanity
Hillcrest dining
Hillcrest stairs
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