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Thinking about building...

The decision whether to remodel or build new is different with every property and every homeowner. We can help with the analysis by providing realistic budgets and possibly even some design ideas. More...


There are typical recommendations like checking references and financial credentials that should be part of your investigation but we offer some additional suggestions that will help you dig a little deeper in your search. More...


Many future homeowners wonder how to start the process of designing and building a new home. Who should they talk with first, the builder or the architect? More...

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We have a series of articles about construction costs in our blog. Here's a good place to start:

Construction Costs.

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Consider a builder that offers a low ball-park square-foot estimate on a project before it has been designed. This is a tactic used by many unscrupulous salespeople called “bait and switch”. More...


How do I know if I can trust my builder?

Here are three thoughtful articles:

Choosing a Builder

Preferred Builder Status

The GCH Way

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Every project that we have ever completed on time or ahead of schedule, had an organized and decisive owner. More...


Before purchasing property for the construction of a new home, there are several characteristics
to consider regarding the viability as a suitable building lot. Request a copy of our 4-page document that should help you ask all the right questions: Property Evaluation

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Here's an article from our blog that discusses options for designing your new home: Choosing a Home Designer.

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We have a few articles in our blog about the new custom home construction process. Here's a good place to start: Design-Build Explained.


How much does it cost to build a custom home in Winter Park, Orlando and Central Florida? More...

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We actually have a hybrid version of construction contract with benefits from both common types of contracts. Here's a link to an article in our blog:

Contracts and Risk.

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Preferred Builder status is achieved when trade contractors and suppliers prefer to work for one particular builder over another. Preferred Builders are often rewarded with the best pricing and service from the companies they work with. More...


As the builder, our ability to perform is very dependent on the communication and information we receive from the owner. The owner's role in a new custom home project can be tedious so they need to be prepared for the amount of work and the time commitment required. More...

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