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Water Heater Decisions

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There are many different options to consider before choosing a water heater for a new home. Make sure your builder allows you to be involved in the decision. The type of water heater, its energy source and location, all have to be determined, and each aspect affects the performance and cost of the other characteristics.

The variety of water heaters now includes, conventional tank-style, tankless, solar, hybrid and heat pump. If natural gas is available then a tankless unit is worth considering but, there are pros and cons and every “expert” has an opinion.

Regardless of the type, the location will control how long it takes for hot water to reach its destination. Waiting for hot water wastes time, water and money. Tankless heaters are a good choice for multiple locations, but of course that will increase the initial cost.

If you opt for single heater, you may want to consider a hot water circulation system that continuously pumps hot water throughout the house making it readily available. This adds some to the initial cost but saves the time and water elements of a standard piping setup. The circulation system needs to be well-planned or the initial and use cost could offset any potential savings.

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