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Pursuing Green

A new customer wants to pursue green certification at the highest level for their new home. Achieving platinum status takes an admirable passion and diligent determination. We've built numerous green certified homes but achieving gold or the ultimate, platinum takes a level of effort from our customer that we really appreciate because we couldn’t do it without them.

So, has Green Certification lost its appeal?

I’ve occasionally observed confusion and resistance surrounding conversations about green construction and lifestyles. I wonder why some people stumble while others are jumping on the green bandwagon, so I’ve decided to remove “green” from the discussion.
Home design by Kg3d Home Design LLC

Would you like your home to be energy-efficient? Do you want water-conserving appliances and fixtures? Would you like a low-maintenance landscape? Are you interested in healthy indoor air quality? How about durable construction? Most of our customers want these things.

This is Green...

Here’s a list of characteristics related to the design, product selection and construction techniques that might be considered when planning a new home or renovation project:

  • Community Impact

  • Durable Construction

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Health and Comfort

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Property Characteristics

  • Resource Utilization

  • Sustainable Site Development

  • Waste Management

  • Water Conservation

Spanish themed stair design with pull out storage beneath.

So green certification is actually just an organized process that looks at all of these categories and recognizes how they impact the characteristics of the home. But even if you aren’t interested in a green-certified home, wouldn’t you like to discuss the characteristics?

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