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What We've Learned From Building Green Homes

Updated: Feb 6

Groninger Custom Homes builds green certified homes in Winter Park, Orlando and Central Florida.

Perhaps the term "green" has been overused and may imply the notion that green building is not for you. Your home doesn't need to be green certified to take advantage of the benefits of building green. There are many practical, economic and functional benefits that should be discussed during the planning phase of a new custom home project.

Green Certified Home in Winter Park, Florida

Green certification adopts several characteristics for the home and the construction process that may or may not interest you but that doesn't mean you shouldn't pick and choose the benefits that are important for your project. Here’s a list that I compiled of potential benefits related to the design, product selection and construction techniques that might be considered when planning a new home or renovation project:

  • Adaptable Design

  • Community Impact

  • Durable Construction

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Environmental Awareness

  • Health and Comfort

  • Life Cycle Assessment

  • Operations and Maintenance

  • Property Characteristics

  • Resource Utilization

  • Site Development

  • Waste Management

  • Water Conservation

The first step in the process should be to consider each of the above categories and determine the cost versus benefit potential of incorporating them into your project. The emphasis should be on upfront planning. Early decisions are frequently cost-effective with some having no upfront costs at all. We refer to these as "low hanging fruit" because they are easy decisions to make and may have little or no cost. They are also easy to incorporate and provide desired benefits. However, keep in mind that as the project planning progresses, options may become limited.

Green Certified Remodel and Addition in Maitland, Florida

As you learn more about the individual categories, you may find that there are relationships between the categories, for instance: choosing native Florida plant materials may reduce maintenance and save on watering or; the use of spray foam insulation also improves the indoor air quality. Every project is different so an upfront conversation of your "green" goals would be a good idea in order to maximize the cost versus benefit ratio.

Even if you haven't considered building a green home, give us a chance to explain the process and benefits as you plan your project. Green certifying isn't for everyone but I can confidently say that once you understand the benefits, you will probably want to incorporate some green construction or products into your home.

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Little is more meaningful and personal than a home, and the experience of designing and building your own home should be rewarding and enjoyable. Choosing a builder is difficult. The process of designing and building a home involves numerous decisions about components, systems and services selected from criteria that includes price, quality, appearance and performance. How can you possibly understand everything unless the builder is willing to share all of the information?   

Allow us to introduce you to The GCH Way of building your next home. Please let us know if you have any questions. Keith Groninger

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